Joining & On-Boarding

Welcome Mail

Welcome Emails with user friendly instruction to complete on-boarding.

Process Flow

System driven process flow to complete the on-board cycle & collecting various employee details along with compliance information / documents.

Information Approval

Approval of collected information by HR & updated the master records.

Confirmation Process

Remainder Mail

Auto Remainder Email will be initiated to Employee / HOD & HR to review Probationary / Temporary Employee & make them confirmed if criteria matched.

Confirmation Request

Confirmation Request can be initiated by Employee or HOD & request will flow as per work flow defined for approval.

Employee Exit Request & Clearance Module

Resignation Request

Employee can place the request of resignation online.

Exit Form

Comprehensive Exit Interview form to be submitted by employee.

Form Approval

The request will be immediately escalated to HOD & HR Head through the email intimation for their further course of action.

Resignation Approval

Exit Request Approval / sign-off by various departments along with final sign-off by HR with detailed input of Exit interviews.

Auto Update

Approved resigned request will be automatically update to SPINE HRIS / Payroll - FNF Module to complete the process & relieve the employee.


Employee Survey

Comprehensive survey features to capture the feedback of employees periodically along with reports & analysis.


Survey Module can be activated to take feedback from employee on their experience with defined system & process.