Create Request

In order to streamline and categorize various requests, we provide the facility to create Request Categories and Sub-Categories. This feature ensures that requests are appropriately classified for efficient handling.

Work Flow Mapping

Our system allows for a comprehensive workflow mapping, enabling the association of multiple request categories with specific processes and departments. This ensures that requests are directed to the right teams for prompt resolution.

Online Submission

ï‚·Employees can conveniently submit their requests, concerns, or queries online through our platform. Whether it's related to HR, Payroll, Administration, IT, Accounts, or any other matter, our online submission system makes it easy for employees to communicate their issues.

Transaction Review

All submitted transactions are subject to review. Our system ensures that requests are carefully examined and escalated to the respective department or team responsible for addressing them.


Respective Team will respond to request depending on the workflow defined.

Log Report

Our system offers a detailed transaction log report generation feature. You can select the criteria you need, and the system will generate a comprehensive report to help you track the progress and history of each transaction.


To ensure transparency and closure of transactions, a sign-off feature is available. Request initiators can provide confirmation on the closure of the transaction, ensuring that each request is properly addressed and resolved.