Customize Policy

Flexibility to Create Leave/Compensatory/Out door duty Application Policy as per requirement.


Setting Parameters for Leave/Compensatory/Out door duty application.


Leave utilization graph for the current year as well as for last couple of years.

Auto Mail

Auto mail initiations by system on apply, approve & reject of leaves to User & HOD respectively.

View Employee Details

Comprehensive view on various information of employee to HOD before approving leave.

Auto Leave Record

Auto posting of approved leave in SPINE HRIS & PAYROLL at month end payroll.

Leave Cancellation

Leave Cancellation Request by Employee with option to auto approval of same for future date.

Leave Request

Leave Encashment & Leave Adjustment request by Employee along with approval based on Workflow configured.


Leave Planner to view the Team members Leave & Outdoor Duty Plans.


Various Leave MIS for HOD & HR along with graphical dashboards.


Graphical HR Dash board with Leave analysis for leave utilization for current month with filtration.