Spine HRIS & Payroll NX

Automates your human resource management process.

Employee Self Service

Interactive Interface with which important data can be self extracted.

Work Flow

Scale Up & Transform organization hierarchy and process flow


Automate leave transaction adhering to policy.

Time Attendance

Track & manage workforce Clock in and Clock out.

Spine HR - Mobile

Allows employees to access their data anytime from anywherewhen theyneed it and trace them with Geo tagging.

Employee Life Cycle

Recognizes stages in employee's career path to assist their management / manager and optimize associated processes.

Reimbursement / Claims

High-tech way to raise/reimburse claims approvals.


Acquire right candidate for the right position.

Time Sheet

Capture &Monitor the productive time devoted on eah project.

Resource Booking

Allows Employees to bookthe resources like laptops and conference room which helps timely allocation of assets.

Discussion Forum

Online forum for the employees to share their views which is supervised by the HR.

Training & Induction

Discover & Nurture skills with learning route and Roster.

Performance Management System (PMS)

Evaluate & Appraise employee performance to faster growth.

Help Desk

Digitized ear to hear your employee's voice.

Expense Management

Settle expense vouchers through digital way.

Travel Desk

Manage travel planner as per travel policy.

Request Desk

Digital system to receive and respond to employee's request.

Visitor Management

Streamlines check in and check out details of visitors.

ChatBot - AskSpina

A Virtual Assistant Chatbot for your personnel, simultaneous communication with every employee, save lots of time of HR and HOD.