HRMS is a comprehensive web-based module designed to streamline and enhance various human resource functions. It provides a centralized platform where employees can access and manage their personal information. This includes viewing salary slips, monitoring leave balances, managing loan and reimbursement requests, and accessing income tax details.The HRMS module fosters employee self-service, reducing administrative burdens on HR staff. It also aids in compliance management by ensuring that employee records are accurate and up-to-date. Furthermore, it facilitates efficient communication between HR and employees, fostering a more transparent and collaborative work environment.


Personalized Dashboard:

Upon login, employees are greeted with a personalized dashboard displaying essential information at a glance. From salary slips and leave balances to loan details, reimbursement status, and income tax particulars, every aspect of their employment is conveniently consolidated.

Salary Slip Management:

Spine HR empowers employees to effortlessly view and download their salary slips, promoting transparency and ensuring that they are well-informed about their compensation details.

Leave and Attendance:

The module simplifies leave management with an online leave system, allowing employees to submit leave requests, view their leave history, and monitor attendance records conveniently. This streamlines the entire leave and attendance process, reducing administrative burdens.

Loan Details:

For employees with financial commitments, Spine HR provides a dedicated section to monitor loan details. This feature enhances financial transparency and helps employees plan their finances effectively.

Reimbursement Tracking:

Managing reimbursement claims becomes hassle-free with Spine HR. Employees can easily track the status of their reimbursement requests, ensuring a smooth and transparent process for expense reimbursement..

Income Tax Details:

Spine HR stores and organizes income tax details for each employee, facilitating compliance and making the tax filing process more straightforward. This ensures that both employees and the organization adhere to regulatory requirements..

Comprehensive Record-Keeping:

Spine HR acts as a centralized repository for all employee records, streamlining data management and providing a comprehensive overview of each employee's professional journey within the organization.

Workflow Management:

From onboarding to exit procedures, Spine HR enhances workflow management by automating routine HR processes. This allows HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives, fostering a more efficient and productive work environment.

Accounting Integration:

Spine HR seamlessly integrates with accounting systems, ensuring that financial data related to payroll and employee benefits is accurately recorded. This integration enhances overall organizational efficiency and reduces the likelihood of errors.

Time Sheet

Capture &Monitor the productive time devoted on eah project.

Resource Booking

Allows Employees to bookthe resources like laptops and conference room which helps timely allocation of assets.

Discussion Forum

Online forum for the employees to share their views which is supervised by the HR.

Training & Induction

Discover & Nurture skills with learning route and Roster.

Performance Management System (PMS)

Evaluate & Appraise employee performance to faster growth.

Help Desk

Digitized ear to hear your employee's voice.

Expense Management

Settle expense vouchers through digital way.

Travel Desk

Manage travel planner as per travel policy.

Request Desk

Digital system to receive and respond to employee's request.

Visitor Management

Streamlines check in and check out details of visitors.

ChatBot - AskSpina

A Virtual Assistant Chatbot for your personnel, simultaneous communication with every employee, save lots of time of HR and HOD.