Fetch Attendance

Facility to capture attendance related data from multiple source e.g. Bio-Metric Machines, Swipe Card Interface, Face Recognition Device, Online Login – Logout & Daily or Monthly Muster Based Data capturing by HODs.

Shift Roster

Comprehensive attendance policy designing module to configure location or group specific rules & regulations by shift definition along with shift roster.


HOD can also manage Shift Roster for their Team.


Attendance Regularization by HOD.


Monthly Attendance Report to employee, HOD & HR.

Attendance Modification

Irregular attendance will be regularized by respective HOD with their notes.

Work Time Ratio

Working Hours ratio against OT Hours in current month & for the whole year.

Shift Request

Employee can apply for Shift Change Request with approval of HR.

Shift Transfer

Shift Transfer option for HOD / HR to manage their team movement.

Holiday Calender

Public Holiday Calendar and seek option of selecting optional holiday by individual employee of their choice.

OT Request/Approval

OT Claim & Approval Module with option to apply Over Time Hours by Employees / HOD & approval from HR for payment of OT during payroll cycle.

Report Writer

Report Writer Module to address any complex report requirement.


Graphical HR Dash board with attendance analysis for OT Hours, Latemarks or Absent for current month with filtration.